A1: BIG ISSUE #0, published by Atomeka. 2004? Featuring stuff from Alan Moore, Bob Burden, Steve Dillon, Ted McKeever, and so on.

This book exemplifies why I wanted to do this project. I have a bunch of comics that I either haven’t read, forgotten about, or didn’t appreciate the first time around. I don’t think I ever read (or gave much of a chance) to The Bojeffries Saga when this comic came out, but I laughed my ass off this time and now want to read more. (The Bob Burden Flaming Carrot comic, and the Ted McKeever SURVIVOR short story I seem to recall reading elsewhere. It was probably an earlier A1 anthology…which has a spine and is on a shelf and not in a longbox and thus won’t be talked about here.) Anyway, it looks like Atomeka may be coming back again.

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